Transitioning to full-time RV living is an exciting decision! You’re saying goodbye to a traditional and materialistic way of living and chasing adventure and experiences instead. You’re about to make so many new memories! But first, you’ll need to decide on your new home on wheels. Right about now, you’re probably asking, “What is the best RV for full-time living?” And we can understand why. With so many options, you need some help narrowing it down. We can do that!

Things to consider when you shop for the best RV for full-time living

While the best RV for full-time living varies from family to family, there are a few things you should consider when making your decision. Assessing these important points can help you identify what you’re looking for and how to shop for your new home.


Any decision to transition to full-time RV life is going to involve some downsizing. But how much do you really want to downsize? If you’re willing to live an extreme minimalistic lifestyle, then you could make a Class B RV work. If you want to live as close as possible to a sticks and bricks level of comfort, opt for a Class A motorhome. Do you have kids? You’ll likely want an RV that has a separate sleeping area for them so things don’t feel too cramped.

Size for parking and campgrounds

While the size of your RV obviously affects the space inside it, it can also affect where you are and are not allowed to go. While a Class A RV may be comfortable, there are some campgrounds that aren’t big enough to accommodate large coaches. On the flip side, there are some luxury campgrounds that only accept Class A RVs. If you plan on staying at a lot of state and national park campgrounds, you may want something smaller. It can also be difficult to maneuver a motorhome in cities and public parking lots. If any of this is a concern for you, but you still like the idea of a motorhome, maybe a Class C would be a good fit for you.


Your budget will obviously come into play here. How much are you willing to spend on your new home? Travel trailers can be most affordable, while the price point for Class A RVs and fifth wheels tends to be a little higher. You’ll also want to consider the other costs of full-time living. This includes expenses like fuel efficiency, since gas is such a big operating cost of RV life. The best RV for full-time living would ideally have decent gas mileage.


Another important thing to considering when picking the best RV for full-time living is what kind of climates you plan on traveling through. Will you chase warm weather the whole time, or will you possibly enjoy some wintertime fun here and there? If at any point you think you’ll be somewhere that temps get a little chilly, you want your RV to be prepared. Choose an RV for full-time living that can handle all 4 seasons and is plenty insulated.

Two of the best RVs for full-time living

You can make full-time RV living in really any RV, but there are two that are popular choices among the full-time RV crowd.

Used Class A

Even with its size and the initial cost to purchase, many people opt for a Class A RV for full-time living simply because it’s most comfortable. The price point is a little higher than towable RVs, but often, people are willing to spend that much because they are using the RV to replace their sticks and bricks house. These RVs can often come with house-like amenities like residential-sized refrigerators, showers, and stovetops. It might just be the best RV for full-time living because you won’t be sacrificing a whole lot in the transition to RV life with a Class A!

The key to not spending a fortune on your motorhome purchase, though, is to buy a used Class A. We’ve written a whole blog post about why it pays to buy a used Class A motorhome, but in short, it allows you to avoid the initial depreciation hit these big RVs take in the first year or so. You’re still getting a rig that’s worthy of living in full-time, but you’re saving thousands of dollars. At Courvelle’s RV, we have a carefully curated selection of used Class A RVs to help you find a high-end yet affordable motorhome lifestyle.

Fifth Wheel

Some people would consider a fifth wheel the best RV for full-time living. They’re typically a little less expensive than a Class A RV but are usually the most comfortably appointed of all the towable options. If you’re choosing this RV for full-time living, you will also need a pick-up truck with a fifth wheel hitch to tow it. Unless you’re pulling a toad vehicle behind a Class A, it’s nice to have your truck available to jet around town for groceries or exploring without packing up at the campsite.

The best RV for full-time living really depends on your lifestyle

While some people may feel strongly that a Class A or a fifth wheel is the best RV for full-time living, the truth is: it really depends on your wants and needs. The RV that is the best for one family may not be the best for you! Take the time to assess your budget, needs and travel plans before making this big decision. If you need some help directing your decision, our sales team is here for you! We can help you work through what type of RV is best for you and help you find an RV that fits exactly what you’re looking for. We can’t wait to help you find your dream home on wheels!

Need help finding the perfect RV for your full-time lifestyle?

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