At Courvelle’s RV, we think there isn’t one answer for the best time to buy an RV. Most people will say fall and winter are usually the times where you’ll get treated like a celebrity if you walk into an RV dealership ready to buy an RV – not with us.

We always have great deals on our RVs and motorhomes on our lot, so it can be difficult for us to tell you exactly when to buy an RV! We are aware of the important factors that play into buying one, such as price. But, when what’s most important is different for everyone, there’s no certain answer.

The best time to buy an RV is whenever you decide you’re ready. We think there’s really no answer to when the best time to buy one is because we have the best deals all year round for you.

In the long run, buying an RV in the fall or winter will definitely save you some cash. This is because the seasons for RVing are usually spring and summer. Because RVs are cheaper in the winter doesn’t mean there aren’t other factors to think about. When you buy an RV in the winter, chances are you won’t be using it till it gets warmer. The first thing you should think about before purchasing an RV during this time is where you’ll store it. If you have space at your house, you can store it in the driveway. But, it won’t be shielded from the weather.

Another option is to purchase a place to store it. This is probably the best idea, but it will run the whole cost of the RV up, which is not why you bought the RV in the winter, right? Here are a few other costs you might not think about if you choose to buy in the winter:

• Insurance costs – why begin to pay for insurance when you don’t plan to use the RV?
• Maintenance costs – the same idea here. Why pay for maintenance when the RV is simply sitting in storage?

If you don’t buy a storage unit, this means you’ll have to store it out in the elements. Have you considered whether or not you live in a harsh climate? Does it snow in your area? If so, you’ll consistently be wiping loads of snow off your motorhome, and you’ll have to check the roof in the spring to make sure there aren’t any new leaks.

While some states allow for you to not have your RV insured during the offseason, others require insurance year-round. Insurance for RVs usually isn’t expensive, but it is something to think about.

If the price of the RV is one of your main concerns, then buying an RV in the winter is definitely your best bet! Here are a few of the perks.

More options
Simply put, you’re going to have more variety when you buy in the winter. Dealerships will have older models as well as brand new models out. And, not as many people are out shopping for RVs during this time, so lots will be fuller.
More time to learn about your new RV
Buying an RV at this time gives you a few months to learn the ins and outs of your RV. You can test it out in your backyard by having a few overnight test runs to make sure you have what you need for your upcoming trips. You’ll even have time to practice parking before trying to park in a crowded campground.

Campground rates are much cheaper
Ever camped during the winter months? If you have, you know it’s one of the best times to go if you can stand the harsh weather. Campgrounds and parks are nowhere near as busy, and rates are usually much lower during the offseason. If you’re new to camping, this might be the best time to start due to the small amount of people camping.

Trade-in value is higher
This is true because your RV becomes less valuable as each day passes. So, the quicker you can trade your RV in right after the season is over, the better. You’ll get more money for it. Trade it in a few months earlier and you won’t have to worry about as much depreciation.

We know it can be overwhelming when it’s time to buy or trade-in your RV. But, the best time to buy an RV is really up to you and whenever you’re ready. Decide what matters most – price, depreciation, etc., and then make a choice. And remember – we’re always here for you!

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