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Why Shop for an RV in Winter?

First and foremost, buying an RV is a commitment to a dream and possibly a lifestyle. While it can be an exciting shopping experience, it is undoubtedly a big decision. While you could be shopping for a home on wheels or any anytime vacation, there are things to consider. And while prime camping season is in the fall, there are some major perks to shopping for an RV in winter season.

Indeed, most people shop for an RV during the warm weather with their minds on the upcoming camping season. However, savvy shoppers can avoid the summer crowds and find a deal by shopping for an RV in winter. Keep reading for shopping tips that just might convince you to buy an RV this winter season.

Research your options

First, regardless of when you plan to purchase your RV, you must do your research before anything else. You should start by reading our first time RV buyers guide to help determine which RV is right for you. Then, you can browse RVs online or come into our Louisiana RV dealership to get a feel for what’s available. Visiting our dealership, walking through RVs and talking with our expert staff might give you a better idea of what is going to work for you. You can also read about the benefits of RVing to see how you can travel on your own terms.

Aside from knowing which type of RV you are looking to purchase, you should also read about the different manufacturers. We recommend you read reviews of various manufacturers and take notes on which features are important to you. Each manufacturer offers different floorplans and features. Likewise, it is important to know common problems for manufacturers. From there, you can keep a list of which brands you’re willing to buy and which ones you’d prefer to avoid.

Consider pre-owned

Next, now that you’ve done your research and you know what you want, consider buying a used RV. While there are tons of perks to buying new, some people want to avoid the depreciation that happens to new RVs. Because of this, our next tip is to consider buying a used RV.

An RV that is a few years old but has been well taken care of can save you money – particularly when it comes to buying a used Class A! You can rest assured that all of the used RVs we carry at Courvelle’s RV are always high quality, clean and reliable.

Plus, while more people shop for RVs in the warmer months, more people tend to consign them in the winter months! Many people are looking to transition out of their RVs before going through the work of winterizing and storing them for winter. Often, people are motivated by adding a little cash flow before the holidays if they are already planning to sell their RVs.

RV Sales

Less crowds at dealerships

Time of year definitely impacts the crowds you’ll encounter while shopping. While retail shopping ramps up during the holidays, there are typically less people shopping for an RV in winter. That’s because most RVers won’t be using them until the weather warms up, so they don’t want to make a big purchase they have to wait to use. But this can work to your benefit when you buy an RV in winter! With less shoppers, you’ll likely have more time with a salesperson. They’ll be able to discuss your needs and the various options in depth.

Beyond that, you will have more time and access to customize your travel trailer with accessories and other add-ons. When you buy an RV in winter, you have plenty of time to order and install add-ons like solar panels. These projects can be worked on during the winter, and you’ll still have your rig ready to explore come prime camping season.

If you prefer to get on the road right away though, you can do that too! Since we’re in a southern state, you can start traveling right away. There are many great winter campgrounds in our state, which we detailed in this blog about our top winter campgrounds! Furthermore, since many campers pack up for winter, you’ll likely find lower rates and less crowds at campgrounds.

Winter RV deals

In some situations, you may even be able to save money by buying in the off-season! Dealers are transitioning their inventory from the calendar year models that are left and starting to stock up on models for the new year. This year at Courvelle’s RV, we’re running a Year End Sales Event so you can find the perfect RV at a steal of a price before ringing in the new year!

Buy an RV this Winter

Regardless of anything, research is always necessary, and planning will always save you money. However, with all the aforementioned benefits, winter is a great time to shop for an RV. Of course, at Courvelle’s we are always available in any season with a staff ready to help you find the RV of your dreams. Come in today to browse our inventory of new and used RVs in our dealership is Opelousas, LA!

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