What’s The Best Way to Sell My RV in Louisiana?

What’s The Best Way to Sell My RV in Louisiana?

If you’ve been thinking, “It’s about time for me to sell my RV,” but you aren’t sure where to start, you’ve come to the right place. Making the choice to part with an RV that provided you and your family with many memories can be a big decision. Deciding how to sell it can be even bigger. You want to get the most amount of money possible for your RV, but you also want to save yourself some stress. There are 3 main ways to sell your RV: selling it yourself, selling it to a dealership, or selling it through consignment. We’ll walk you through your options so you can make the best choice for your RV sale.

A for sale sign on the back of an RV parked by a curb. One strategy when you're wondering "how to sell my RV" is to sell it yourself.

Sell My RV Myself

The first possibility that pops into mind for most people is to simply sell their RV themselves. However, unless you have extensive sales experience, lots of time on your hands, and a bucket load of patience, this option may not be for you. When you sell your RV yourself, you are responsible for staging, listing, and showing your RV. You have to take photos, write a great description of the rig, list it online and field calls and inquiries from potential buyers. It takes a lot of legwork.

Keep in mind, that is all BEFORE the sale, not including the paperwork after! You’ll have to show detailed records of repairs and may not get as much for your rig because the buyer is having to trust your word for the condition of the RV and doesn’t have a guarantee behind it. Additionally, it’s much harder to offer financing as a private seller, which could limit the pool of potential buyers if they’re unable to pay cash up front. If this doesn’t sound like something you’re up for, keep reading for other possible ways to sell your RV.

Sell My RV to an RV Dealership

The next possibility for selling your RV is to sell it straight to an RV dealership. And yes, at Courvelle’s RV, we buy RVs! When you bring your RV in for a FREE appraisal, we’ll let you know how much your RV is worth and determine whether it qualifies for our RV purchase program. If it does, we’ll pay you for your RV! It’s quick cash, no hassle, and it means your RV is completely off your hands. It’s one of the fastest and easiest ways to check the box of “selling my RV.” This can mean cash to go towards a down payment on a new RV purchase, or to re-invest in your priorities elsewhere!

An aerial view of an RV dealership. Sell My RV through a dealership.

Sell My RV through Consignment

Buying your RV isn’t the only option our RV dealership offers. We also have a stellar RV consignment program! RV consignment is where you trust your RV sale to a dealership. They do all the work and take a cut of the sale. At Courvelle’s RV, our consignment percentage is low and the list of perks you get are long.

From maintenance checks to staging, we professionally prep your RV to get it ready for the sale. We also take high-end photography of your unit to show off its best features. We write detailed descriptions of your RV so it can be found in online searches. Then, we list your RV nationally, so it gets seen by the largest possible audience. This means your RV is listed on our website and our RV classifieds, as well as our online ads.

Selling your RV this way means not only do we take all the stress of prep and show off of your hands, but you also get exposure to a larger audience than you could get on your own. We list your RV on RVUSA, RV Trader and Facebook to make sure it gets noticed by the right buyer. We also can offer buyers financing, which further widens the pool of potential buyers. On top of that, Courvelle’s only consigns high-quality RVs 2010 or later, so our used RVs have a great reputation. Buyers are more likely to trust the reliability of an RV they purchased from a reputable RV dealership, so they are willing to pay more for the purchase. Ultimately, it means less stress and more money for you.

Does It Matter Where I Sell My RV on Consignment?

In short, the answer is 100% yes. Some RV dealerships will simply list your RV on their website and call it consignment. Meanwhile, you are still responsible for every other detail, including photographing and showing the RV. It’s all the responsibility of selling your RV yourself, without the many benefits of consigning your RV! That isn’t the way we do things here at Courvelle’s RV. When you consign your RV with us, it becomes part of our inventory, and we treat it just like any other RV on our lot. When RV shoppers come into our dealership, we show your RV just like we would any RV we ordered from a manufacturer. Your RV isn’t just here for show, it’s here to sell!

An RV salesman shows a woman an RV. Choosing to sell my RV through consignment means not stressing about showing my RV.

How to Decide How to Sell My RV in Louisiana

The great news is that you don’t have to decide what’s the best way to sell your RV on your own. When you team up with Courvelle’s RV, we work with you to determine the best way to sell your RV, whether it’s buying your RV or consigning it. This process helps you get the most money for your sale and spares you the most amount of stress! Save yourself the hassle of sifting through that “how to sell my RV in Louisiana” Google search and stop in at Courvelle’s RV for your free appraisal.

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Is RV Consignment Best to Sell Your RV?

Is RV Consignment Best to Sell Your RV?

Owning an RV is an experience like no other! Being independent of hotels and able to camp wherever your wheels can take you is a liberating feeling. However, there comes a time for some RV owners where they aren’t taking advantage of this ability enough, or they are doing it so much, they’re ready to upgrade to the next RV! So how can you get the most out of selling your RV investment? One great option is RV consignment! When owners consign an RV, they give the job of selling the RV to a third-party or dealership. Not only does consignment save the hassle of sorting through buyers, but it also may increase visibility to a wider audience. It’s both a safe and easy way to sell your RV.

What is RV Consignment?

Most people consign an RV through a dealership, which handles the whole process of selling your RV. The dealership snaps the pictures, posts the unit on their website and through classifieds, takes the phone calls, shows the unit, and processes the paperwork. This means consignment is not a “sell your RV for cash” deal or trade it, but more a partnership with the dealership or seller you chose. Simply put, you provide the RV, the dealer sells it, and you both share in the spoils!

How Does RV Consignment Work?

RV consignments work by a third-party seller or dealership selling your RV for you, but they share in the profit with commission from the sale.

This is what you can expect when you consign an RV:

    • The seller consignment periods are usually one to three months.
    • Consignment fees vary from fixed rate commission to percentage based on final sale.
    • Dealerships can take care of any tune-ups needed to increase resale value.
    • You may want to purchase RV consignment insurance.

Is Selling Your RV on Consignment a Good Idea?

If you want to sell your RV with the least amount of effort, then RV consignment is for you! Not all owners want to take on the role of “salesperson.” It’s a lot of time and effort to keep up with buyer communications, scheduling appointments, showings, negotiations and filing paperwork.

Here are the advantages of consigning your RV:

    • Convenience. The seller takes care of all the advertising, showing, negotiations, and money handling. You just collect your share at the end.
    • Saves Time. You don’t have to worry about wasting time with buyers that are not serious. This includes last minute appointment cancelations and waiting on return texts or phone calls. Also with dealers, they naturally have more foot traffic, so they can sell your RV quicker.
    • Safe & Confidential. Since your presence is not needed in the sale, your identity is kept anonymous. Additionally, since dealerships show and sell your RV there, you don’t have to be exposed or handle exchanging of money. This keeps both you and your home safe.
    • Earn More Money. Even though you may have to pay seller fees and commission on the final sale, you may end up getting more through RV consignment versus selling your unit by yourself. Dealers have a much larger audience and offer financing, which inreases sales potential.

How Much are RV Consignment Fees?

When working with a dealer, you may elect to have one of two ways to split the sale. The first method is that the dealer will take a straight percentage on total sale. The alternate method involves a base price being set, and then the dealer takes any earnings above that price as commission. For example, say your RV is listed at $70,000 but sales for $75,000. With the first method, the dealers cut would be $7,000 if the straight commission was 10%. The second method would yield the dealer $5,000. Of course, there can be other fees and optional costs like tune-up and detailing. However, these “extras” could add perceived value to buyers and result in greater profit on the sale.

Is RV Consignment Insurance Needed?

It is not necessary to purchase, however, in some cases, it is worth it for protecting your investment and giving you peace of mind. For example, a potential buyer could dent your motorhome on a test drive or break a fixture when viewing your towable. Unfortunately, many traditional RV insurance policies will not cover your RV when it’s with a dealer. You don’t want damages like this to bring down your sale value, and this is where RV consignment insurance has you covered. It’s important to note, though, that Courvelle’s won’t allow any test drives of your RV unless the buyer has gone through prior credit approval, helping to protect you rig before purchase.

How Do I Find Out How Much My RV is Worth?

Getting an estimate of how much your RV is worth is very easy online. Just like a car, you need to know the make, model, milage, and year of your RV. Additionally, condition and extra features may also help with accuracy. With this information, you can plug it into NADA Guides, RV dealer consignment forms, or various RV classified websites to get an idea of the going rates.

Where Can I Consign My RV in Louisiana?

At Courvelle’s RV, we make consigning your RV easy! We are a top RV dealer in Louisiana, and we buy Class A RVs and more. Have more questions or need help selling your camper? Contact us for an estimate on your RV, and begin selling your RV today!


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