If you’ve landed here, it’s likely you know you want to buy a motorhome. You just can’t decide which one! The big debate when it comes to motorhomes is usually Class A vs. Class C. There are also Class B vans, but those resemble van life much more than RV life. If you’re looking for a motorhome, you’re likely choosing between the two larger options.

Class A vs. Class C: Which is Right for You?

For starters, let’s break down the difference between Class A vs. Class C. Both are drivable motorhomes where the cab is part of the living space, rather than the living space being towed behind a vehicle. Class C RVs are the smaller of the two options. Its most recognizable feature is the portion of the living space that hangs over the cab of the vehicle, usually designed as storage space or a bed. Class A RVs are much bigger – they are the giants of the RV world! These large rigs are the closest to sticks and bricks living you can get since their size can fit much more amenities.

Size isn’t the only thing that differentiates the two. Read on to find out more.


For starters, one of the biggest Class A vs. Class C differences is maneuverability. Class C RVs have the upper hand in this category since they’re shorter in length and height and less wide. Your turn radius is a little easier in a Class C, so it’s easier for beginners to learn how to drive them. They’re also less susceptible to swaying in the wind down the highway.


It isn’t just a matter of personal preference though – there are some places you may want to visit that simply don’t have room for a Class A RV. Not all campsites allow Class A RVs due to their size. This is particularly true of many state and national park campsites. However, there are other campsites that are exclusive to Class A RVs. These campsites are typically luxury motorcoach resorts, which means you get to enjoy another level of camping comfort.


As you may already know, the cost of a Class A RV is typically higher than a Class C. They are usually the more luxurious option of the two, and the price tag reflects that. While you will be paying more, you’re also usually getting more space and more features.


While cost may be higher for a Class A, it also depreciates more quickly than a Class C. If you’re planning on keeping either RV long term, then this may not be an issue for you. If you want to change RVs in a couple of years, then it is something to consider. To solve a big part of the depreciation issue when it comes to Class A RVs, buy a used Class A motorhome instead of new.

Sleep Capacity

The sleep capacity between Class A vs. Class C really comes down to the floor plan of the RV you choose. While Class C RVs, they’re often very smart with taking advantage of the space they do have. The sleep space over the cab helps a lot! Some massive Class A RVs still only have one bedroom, and feature a large, comfortable living space instead. Just look for the RV that has the sleep capacity your family needs.


When you think luxury comfort in the RV world, you often think of Class A RVs. And for good reason – these rigs can sometimes feel like a far cry from RV living with full-size kitchen features, multiple slides, and walk-around bedrooms. That doesn’t mean Class C RVs aren’t comfortable though! A great Class C can be just as luxurious, especially if you are traveling as a couple and won’t need all the extra room.


Class A RVs have the upper hand between Class A vs. Class C when it comes to storage simply thanks to their size. The basement of these RVs often provide tons of space for you to store gear and seasonal items. Don’t underestimate a well-built Class C RV, though! These rigs are thoughtfully designed to take advantage of every inch.


What a Class C RV lacks in size, it makes up for in fuel mileage in the Class A vs. Class C debate. While Class A RVs can be cushy, their boxy shape means they’re not very aerodynamic. As a result, their fuel mileage just can’t compete with a Class C. There are many reasons to choose a Class C RV, but this may be an important factor for you.

Choosing the right motorhome for your family

There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to making your Class A vs. Class C RV choice. The best thing to do is to browse our Class C inventory, and browse our Class A inventory to see which resonates with you. Or, you can get in touch with our team at Courvelle’s RV in Louisiana to find the right fit for you!


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