Camping season is still in full swing! Have you and your family been having a blast exploring and appreciating all nature has to offer? Although camping is an awesome summer tradition, one thing that may be hard to deal with is that summer heat! Are you totally over your kids giving you the “it’s too hot outside to play” line? Here are some fun and practical ways to keep cool camping this summer!

Camping Tips for Parents

First things first, let’s talk about some practical tips for you parents out there. Before your kids start getting a little grouchy about the heat, do what you can to get the campsite set up. First, find some shade when you park. You can find shade for the RV and your tent. If you do not spot the best shade, make sure to bring a tarp that you can hang up or cover to create shade.

You can also disassemble your tent during the day so that it doesn’t take in heat while you aren’t using it. Consider getting some portable fans for your hikes, or to keep with you in your RV or tent. If you haven’t already, buy a couple of hammocks that you can hang up! Sometimes the best way to stay cool is to emerge yourself in the breeze! Lastly, bring frozen water jugs and water bottles. You can use these in your coolers, tents, and even on the bottom of your sleeping bag to stay cool at night!

Camping Activities To Keep The Kids Cool 

After you spend some time making sure your camp site is set up just the way you want it, you have to not only keep the kids entertained but keep them cool during the day. Here are some fun activities that your kids can play together to fight off the heat

Water balloons: These things can keep kids busy for hours. (As long as you make sure to pick them up after they pop!) You can play hot/cold potato, water balloon fights, capture the flag, and some fun competitions.

Wet sponge races: This is one of my favorites! Fill up 2 buckets with water and form 2 teams. You have to put the sponge in the bucket and let it soak up the water. Then you have to run it 15 yards to an empty bucket. The first team to fill up their bucket with water wins!

Make your own popsicles: Everyone loves a sweet treat! Making your own popsicles is fun, easy, and rewarding! Just pick some of your favorite Gatorade, juice, and fruit and set yourself up for a sweet afternoon snack! Check out this site for recipes.

Outdoor Activities to Keep Cool Camping This Summer

The whole point of camping is to enjoy the great outdoors! So, what better way to stay cool than enjoying what we find in nature. Hop in the pool, or nearest lake! Grab your water skis, jet skis or tube and head out to the water. There are also so many state parks with beautiful springs and waterfalls! Do some research before you go hiking and have a refreshing destination to rejuvenate you after your long trek!

If you have a few camping trips left this summer, consider some of these tips to keep cool camping! From prepping your campsite area to finding hidden waterfalls, we hope you find ways to stay cool and refreshed on your camping trips!

Fun Ways to Keep Cool Camping This Summer

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