No matter how long you’ve been a camper, you might say the amenities of hotels and cabins are hard to replace. Even if you do disagree with that statement, you can’t disagree when we say all you non-glampers could learn a thing or two from your glamper-friendly mates.

For those of you reading who are new to the term “glamping,” it’s a new word that describes a glamourous kind of camping. (Put the two words together and you’ve got yourself a Webster-approved term.) If you’re a seasoned camper and used to roughing it through the harsh winter or scorching summers, you might be wondering why someone would want to add a bit of glamour to their trip. Well, there are people who want to start camping but want to ease into it. Others, however, have lots of experience in camping in the backcountry. This is just the reason they want to try their hand at glamping – they’re ready to add a bit of comfort and luxury to their trip.

No matter what your glamping reasons are, we here at Courvelle RV are here to help you get it right. Here’s our list of items you need glamp in the best way.

Sleeping Area

You want to create a space that makes you want to crawl into bed and not ever leave. In order to do this, sleeping bags should be left at the tent door. Think air mattress here.

Once your sleeping sanctuary is set, time to come in with the linens. You can absolutely bring your 100 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets from Nordstrom, but if you really want to create a comfy and cozy space, bring blankets. Bring lots of blankets. Bring different sizes, different shapes, different materials. Don’t forget your down comforters and quilts!

Now, it’s time to add a bit more color and aesthetic to your tent. The crinkling sound from the tent below your feet at seven in the morning is beyond unsettling. Lay down some nice rugs and floor mats to mute that sound and keep the warm, cozy feeling going. Overlap them if you need to, or even if you just want to. Bring as many materials and colors as you can to keep it interesting.

To bring it all together, toss in some of your favorite sleeping and throw pillows to elevate the level of comfort even more. Again, don’t be shy! Grab all the pillows you can find and toss them in. Even if you don’t end up using them, pillows add to the aesthetic you’re going for.


First and foremost, glamping is about ambiance. It just won’t be the same if you bring those huge lights construction workers use. Bring these instead:

  • Fairy lights
  • Clear Christmas tree lights
  • Rope lights
  • Lanterns with shades so the lighting is fainter

The idea here is to have a soft, warm glow that isn’t too harsh. Hanging up lanterns and fairy lights will perfectly set the mood. Also, open flames in a tent is a huge no-no. It might be the cherry on top of your dream glamping weekend, but this is an area where safety really does come first. Don’t be shy with your lights, either. When it doubt, add more frilly light to every flat surface you can find.

Other Items/Areas

Take it a step further and add fancy dining ware to your glamping party. Leave the red plastic cups and Styrofoam plates at home and swap them for mason jars and mismatched plates you can find thrifting. Vintage is very glamorous these days, and you won’t go wrong with picking up some silverware at the thrift store, too. Find a simple tablecloth (or a vintage, dainty one covered in Victorian-themed designs if your dining ware is simple) and move some lanterns from your tent to your benchtop and you’ve got yourself a glammed-up dining table.

You won’t be spending all your leisure time in the tent, so set up camp (or glamp) near trees for your hammock. To make it fancier, take from your stock of pillows and blankets for your tent and toss them in your hammock – you’ll be napping in no time. It’s really not a campsite without a hammock, after all. For a fairy tale or mystical appeal, throw a mosquito net or lace canopy over your swinging bed.

It may seem like quite a bit of work, but any form of camping is. Why not make it gorgeous on the in and outside and add a touch of décor? Have fun with this! Hopefully, you’ll be staying at your site for at least the weekend, and if you want to glamp right, décor is a must. This part always gets overlooked when people camp because they just need a place to sleep at night. But you? You’re glamping. Don’t let the glamping community down and have a décor-less tent! Think decorative lanterns, fabrics, plants, crates, baskets. You could even gather some flowers once you settle in.

We hope you’ve now attained some ideas on how to start your own glamping spot. Remember, make it cozy, make it charming, and make it glow. So, climb in, bury yourself in a mountain of blankets and pillows, and soak in the natural surroundings you’ve found.

As always, you can always contact us with any RV, camping, (and now glamping) questions you have. Happy glamping!

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