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The holidays are a truly magical time of year. Whether it’s a big feast prepared for Thanksgiving or the twinkle of Christmas lights in every downtown of small town America, you can’t help but feel festive. For many, the holidays mean gathering with loved ones and spending quality time. For you, this may mean gathering in your RV! Albeit non-traditional, there are still ways to make this time of year special on the road. If you’re planning on spending the holidays in an RV this year, we’ve gathered some of our best tips.


Easy Ways to Embrace the Holidays in an RV

While Christmas is often associated with extravagance and material goods, spending the holidays in an RV can be a great reminder of what’s really important during the holiday season. Whether you are planning to get cozy in a travel trailer or are comfortable in your Class A, there are some unique challenges to RVing at Christmas that you wouldn’t usually encounter if you were to spend it in a sticks-and-bricks home! Not to worry, we’ve laid out everything you need Space might be tight, you can still make it merry and bright.


Decorations for the holidays in an RV

Map Out a Festive Road Trip

If spending the holidays in an RV isn’t exclusively associated with boondocking in a family member’s driveway for a few weeks, why not plan to visit a destination that brings out the festive spirit? Choose an RV park that holds special holiday events or go to a destination like Christmas, Florida that makes the holidays their whole personality. Picking a location with a festive feel will help set the tone for great holidays in your RV. And if you’re staying local, there are tons of great winter events in Louisiana!

Decorate Your Campsite

It doesn’t matter if you’ll be there for a few days or a few weeks – nothing brings out the Christmas spirit like a little festive décor! Deck your RV halls with simple, easy-to-store decorations like these RV décor finds from our friends at RVUSA. You can choose from hanging lights outside your RV and decorating your campsite to selecting a few intentional touches inside, such as a Christmas garland or a mini tree. Do whatever helps you feel the cozy holiday vibes!


Food spread out on a picnic table for the holidays in an RV

Plan an RV-Friendly Menu

One of the biggest challenges of spending the holidays in an RV is the cooking. RV kitchens are understandably smaller than sticks and bricks kitchens. There’s less counter space for prep, and some may or may not have kitchen appliances like ovens that work overtime during the holidays. This fact alone can dissuade some RVers from choosing an RV Christmas.

Don’t stress though! Having a tasty Christmas dinner is absolutely possible in an RV kitchen. The key is in planning the right menu. Search blogs for RV-friendly Christmas foods like our list of cold weather camping recipes or this blog about Christmas recipes for the RV. Many classic holiday foods can be adapted to be made in a Crock Pot, Instant Pot, Air Fryer, or other easily portable appliance you can pack with you on your holiday travels. There are even some that work great in a Dutch oven over the campfire! It simple requires a little planning ahead.

Pro tip: prep as much in your sticks-and-bricks home as you can! Unless you are a full timer, take advantage of the kitchen you have at home to do things like prep sauces and chop veggies. Your future self will thank you!


Christmas lights wrapped around an Airstream for the holidays in an RV

The More the Merrier

To our last point, living space inside RVs can be limited. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to keep your RV Christmas small! One of the things RVers love is the ability to enjoy the great outdoors. Take advantage of getting outside with loved ones! Most campgrounds will have picnic tables or gathering spaces where you can enjoy meals with fellow campers or even invite family and friends to the RV park to celebrate with you. Don’t feel like you can’t have guests for the holidays in an RV. Community is one of the best parts of RVing, so the more the merrier!


Don’t overcomplicate it

At the end of the day, remember the reason for the season. While you may want to try and make your holidays in an RV absolutely picture perfect, that isn’t the most important part. What matters is enjoying yourself and having quality time with your loved ones. When you focus on the deeper meaning of the holidays, the little nuances of being on the road don’t get to you as much.


Spend the Holidays in an RV That’s Perfect for Your Family

Still need to find the right RV to take on your holiday adventures? We can help! At Courvelle’s RV, our expert sales staff can match you up with the perfect new or used RV to meet your needs. There are many perks to buying an RV in winter and we’re here to guide you through it!