As the warmer months approach, we’re always looking for ways to stay cooler. Whether you’re in a cooler climate or in a hot climate like us here at Courvelle’s RV, staying cool is essential no matter what state you’re in! Most rigs and motorhomes usually come standard with a unit, and it’s likely you don’t want it running constantly. If yours doesn’t have AC, it’ll be critical to find alternative ways to stay cool. Here are a few tips from us about staying cool without having your AC unit on consistently.

Park under shade

Shade is critical in keeping your RV cool during the day. Even if have to forego the perfect spot, you won’t regret choosing a campsite with plenty of shade. Try to grab a spot with a big tree you can park your RV or motorhome under to keep temperatures down.

Cook outside when you can

Top keep the temperature down inside your RV, use the fire pit that most RVing campsites come with. Or, if you know your campsite won’t have a fire pit, bring along a small grill to set up once you arrive. And don’t worry about recipes – they’re everywhere on the internet! Cooking is a great way to spend time with family, and there are so many simple recipes that the kids can help out with.

Open windows

Before you start RVing during the summer while having to open the windows, window screens will be your best friend. Opening up doors and windows only lets hot air out while keeping your RV well ventilated. If you’re lucky enough to find a shady spot, this will help immensely.

Hang up a damp sheet

On days the window breeze simply isn’t enough, spray a light-colored sheet with cold water and cover the window with the sheet to give the outside air a chance to cool down before coming into the RV.

Invest in window film

In addition to cutting energy costs, installing window film offers extra privacy while still be able to enjoy the outdoor views. They also reduce temperature imbalances and provide lots of infrared heat reduction compared to uncovered windows.

Buy a chill pillow and lightweight sheets

If you haven’t already swapped your heavy-duty sheets for lightweight sheets, doing so will make sleeping at night a bit more comfortable. You can also purchase a cooling pillow that soaks up extra body heat.

Don’t run large appliances during the day

Appliances like a dishwasher or drying machine produce a lot of heat that’s noticeable in small spaces. Keep it cooler by doing these chores after the sun sets. And, if you’re using a dryer, clean the dryer vent regularly so cycles are shorter.

Consider the amount of ventilation you’ll receive

Like we said above, ventilation is critical in keeping your RV cooler. It’s important to choose the best shady campsite, but it’s also a good idea to consider the position your RV is in. You might want to position it based on the direction of the wind, or it might be helpful to position it based on the direction of the sunrise.

Bring a few fans

Fans definitely don’t use as much energy as an AC unit would, and they help move stagnant air around. Bring at least one fan to keep on throughout the night. If you bring a few, you can set them up so the air circulating is cooler.

Think about lighting

Believe it or not, certain lightbulbs waste energy and make smaller areas warmer given the amount of heat they produce. When you switch to LED bulbs, you’ll cut down on the amount of energy you’re using and the amount of heat created inside your RV.

It’s these small changes combined that make the biggest impact when trying to save energy and keep your RV cooler. Even though most RVs do come with an AC unit, many RVers are always looking for ways to reduce energy use.  As always, reach out to us for all your RV-related questions!

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