Adjusting to RV living is no easy task, but with the right tools and accessories, it can be done in a flash! Whether you have a Class A or a tiny pop-up expandable, RV living easily gets cramped, and soon enough, you’ll find yourself wanting to spend time outdoors. To do this, you’ll need a few items to make outdoor RV living a success. Keep reading for a list of our favorite items from the staff at Courvelle RV!


Having a few lanterns here and there around your campsite helps create a warm and inviting atmosphere, and they obviously help you see at night! They allow you to be outside longer and ensure you don’t step on a creature or miss a step going into your RV.

Dutch Oven/Grill

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be on another level if you invest in a grill, cast iron skillet or Dutch oven! They’re easy to clean, versatile, and the flavor you get from them is unlike any other. Grills are great for quicker cooking if you don’t have time to start the campfire. They’re always a great option to have as long as you have room to store it.

Camping stove

Camping stoves are another great option of cooking food outside. Find one you can plug into an adapter so you can use larger propane tanks instead of tiny bottles. These stoves are great for outdoor cooking so you don’t get strong smells stuck inside your RV kitchen.

Screen room

If you want to spend more than five minutes outside without bugs bothering you, you’ll need a screened-in area. Most room take just minutes to set up and tear down, and you won’t regret investing in one, especially if you RV during the warmer months.


From card games to board games to croquette and ring toss, bringing along plenty of games will help you stay active and outside. To be more creative, make up your own game the family will love. Who says a bit of friendly competition is bad?

RV Rug and decorations

It might sound trivial, but this is your living space, and making it feel like home is more important than you think. To help define your space, place a large rug on the ground for decoration but also to help keep dirt and debris out of your RV. You have options when it comes to choosing a great rug, too. Make it complement the colors of your RV, or make it a statement piece and choose a great off-the-wall color!

Folding Chairs

It’s rather obvious: You’re definitely going to spend lots of time outdoors, so collecting lots of folding chairs is a necessity. Bag chairs are a great choice, because they’re easy to use and store. They’re also relatively sturdy and will last for years if kept out of the elements. Another plus? They come in a variety of colors, so you can show off your personality through the colors you choose.


Good-quality radios are a great idea to keep with you to use when you’re backing your RV into the campsite or if there’s dodgy internet service. These are great to have even when you don’t have on spending much time outdoors.

Folding tables

When you spend time outside your RV, you’ll want a surface to eat from and set things down on. Buying multiple small tables along with a large one will help ensure everyone has their own table, and the large table can be used as a community area. Having small ones will help out in lots of ways!


Awnings are really wonderful for rainy days where you still want to be outside, or if the sun is just too hot that day. They protect you and your skin from the elements, and they make RV living a bit easier. Some RVs come with awnings and others don’t so check into this option before you purchase an RV if you haven’t already.

We hope this helps our outdoor RV living folks across the state. Outdoor RV living is such a great experience, and we highly recommend it to anyone who has the ability to try it out for themselves. If you have any awesome outdoor RV living tools or accessories, let us know in the comments!

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