Ah, football season. If there’s one thing that eases the sting of saying goodbye to summer adventures, it’s the smell of football season back in the air again. College football RV tailgating in Louisiana is a popular fall activity, and as a top RV dealership in Louisiana, we totally understand why!

Why try RV Tailgating in Louisiana?

There’s no doubt that Louisianans take college football seriously. It’s a season in its own right around here! If you own an RV, RV tailgating can be the perfect way to experience this part of the Louisiana lifestyle. It allows you to have a comfortable place to hang out, cook food and watch pregame festivities alongside thousands of fellow fans who are just as excited as you are. You can get more creative with your tailgating menu when you have your whole RV kitchen at your fingertips! And you won’t miss a minute of College GameDay or any other games leading up to kickoff if you have satellite TV in your RV. Even if you’re not the biggest football fan, it’s worth it to try and experience this electric atmosphere at least once.

You can’t just show up to a college campus in your RV and expect to find parking, though. You’ll need to plan ahead. Passes for RV lots can be hard to come by because they’re so popular, and in some cases, can be pretty pricey. We’ve laid out everything you need to know about RV tailgating and Louisiana’s 3 biggest universities.

RV Tailgating at LSU

LSU has one of the most iconic tailgating scenes in the country – and it’s right here in our home state! Fans flock from all over to experience the camaraderie, good food, and game day buzz in Baton Rouge during football season. Whether you are going into the stadium for the game or not, it’s a can’t-miss tailgating destination. Even opposing fans rave about how much fun RV tailgating at LSU is!

Because it’s such a popular tailgating scene, it can be tough to get a spot in LSU’s RV lots. There are two different ways to go about it.

Season Reserved RV Lots

If you are a die-hard LSU fan and you plan on tailgating at Death Valley all season long, then you may want to invest in a spot at a season reserved RV lot. These lots can be pricey and often sell out far in advance (all passes in these lots are sold out for 2022). If you want to park in the RV lots here in the future, it’s best to plan ahead. Season-long passes for Lot 401 closest to the stadium cost thousands and also require a sizable contribution to the school’s Tradition Fund each year. More affordable season reserved RV lot passes can be found in Touchdown Village 1 and 2. These cost around $500 in addition to a required contribution to the Tradition Fund depending on the lot you choose. If you’re a big fan of the Tigers, this investment can be well worth it!

Single Game RV Lot

If you’re just planning to experience RV tailgating in Baton Rouge for a single game, you’ll want to reserve a spot in Lot 412. This lot is near the LSU vet school and is the only lot open to single game RV parking. These passes are released on a game-by-game basis and range between $100-250 per spot. Lot opening times are announced on a weekly basis before the games, so be sure you’re staying up to date to get into your spot at your earliest convenience.

RV Tailgating at University of Louisiana Lafayette

Just down the road from our RV dealership in Opelousas, Louisiana, is University of Louisiana Lafayette. While it’s a smaller school than LSU, the Ragin’ Cajuns have an extremely loyal following, and tailgating there is a blast!

RV tailgating at ULL primarily happens in the Cajun Country Rice RV parking lot just off of West Congress Street. In order to get a pass for tailgating in these lots, you’ll need to have at least 2 season tickets associated with your account. Rather than charging a parking fee, ULL requires donations to their Annual Fund. As of 2022, the minimum Annual Fund donation to get season-long Cajun Country RV parking is $1200.

RV Tailgating at Louisiana Tech University

RV tailgating at Louisiana Tech University in Ruston is very similar to the process at ULL. There’s a designated RV parking lot, and passes there require membership to the LA Tech Athletics Club and season tickets. Season passes in this lot can range from $2500-3500.

Where will you be RV tailgating in Louisiana this season?

Now that you know the details, which college football game will you tailgate at this season? We hope no matter which team has your allegiance, you’ll find a way to take your RV to a football game at some point. It’s truly a bucket list RV experience!

If you still need the right RV for your college football tailgate, our experts at Courvelle’s can help. Located in Opelousas, just north of Lafayette, Louisiana, we have a large selection of new and used RVs, including Class A, Class C, fifth wheels and travel trailers. We’ll help you find an RV with an outdoor entertainment center and outside kitchen that’s perfect for tailgating!

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