Buying an RV is a large commitment, so it should go without saying that it is something you want to really take time to think about and do your research. When purchasing an RV, one of the first things people tend to ask themselves is “Do I want to buy a New or Used RV?”. While there is no right or wrong answer to that question, there are quite a few benefits to buying used, including saving money! But buying Used has its drawbacks as well, and you need to be ready to look over your potential purchase to make sure everything is in good working order. So if you are ready to dive into RV shopping, make sure you keep reading for these helpful tips for buying a used RV.

Helpful Tips for Buying a Used RV

Keep these tips handy when shopping for a used RV, and you will make sure that you never get taken advantage of by shady sellers.

Buying a Used Motorhome

ALWAYS See the Used RV in Person Before Purchasing It

This should go without saying, but please, always make sure you get to look over the RV you plan to purchase in person before sending money to anyone. This goes for new RVs and Used RVs, especially if you are buying from a private individual instead of a trusted RV dealer.

You wouldn’t buy a house without ever seeing it in person, would you? No? probably not! So don’t buy an RV, or any vehicle for that matter, without seeing it in person first. Sadly, many fake private sellers will try to get you to send them money upfront for a camper you have seen only in pictures, and then you will be out the money and still no closer to RV ownership. So please, be careful when browsing for used RVs online. You are much better off checking at a local trusted RV dealership or browsing a large, well-known RV classified site where users have been verified.

Remember, Used RVs Aren’t Likely to be Perfect

When buying a used Rv, you need to keep in mind that things aren’t going to always be perfect. Sometimes you will need to make repairs or settle for a floorplan that isn’t your absolute favorite. Really, it is all based on what you NEED, what you WANT, and your DEALBREAKERS. Every person is going to want something slightly different from their camper, so keep in mind what you want to get out of the experience as a whole, and then make your lists to help narrow down which one you want to purchase and what your dealbreakers are.

Even if you don’t find the perfect RV, when you buy used, you can always use the money you save to do upgrades and customizations to truly make it your dream camper.

Check with Insurance BEFORE Buying

When you are buying a used RV, you will want to talk to your RV insurance company prior to making your purchase. Depending on the year of the camper, you may not be able to get proper coverage, so it is better to know ahead of time what your insurance company’s policy is before you go buy a vintage used camper.

Check the RV’s History

Once you have started to narrow down your choices, we recommend checking up on the history of the RV you are interested in. There are free websites out there that you can easily use, such as or, to check up on the history of the RV, including any accidents, damage, or repairs. All you need to do is the VIN number.

Be Aware of Motorhome Mileage

If you are thinking about buying a used Motorhome, make sure to keep in mind the mileage. Super high mileage can be a red flag when it comes to buying a used motorhome. While high mileage doesn’t always equate to problems, it is common for higher mileage units to have more issues.

That doesn’t mean you need to totally discount these finds though. If you are mechanically inclined and able to do your own repairs, then go for it! Get the high mileage unit, do a motor swap, and save some serious cash. But if you are someone who can’t do their own engine work, then you may be better off finding something with lower miles.

Thinking about buying a used RV in Louisiana?

If you are in the Louisiana area and looking for a clean, low mileage used RV, you can contact our expert sales team here at Courvelle’s RV. We have the cleanest inventory of used towables and motorhomes in the South East! We will he glad to answer all of your RV buying questions and help get you into the perfect new or used RV for your needs!

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