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So you’re on the market to find the perfect RV for your travels. How do you decide which kind of RV is right for you? From towables to driveables and new vs. used, there are lots of options out there. If you’ve landed on this blog though, chances are you’re considering purchasing a used Class A motorhome. We’re here to help you make an informed decision.

The Benefits of Buying a Used Class A RV

Maybe you’re considering it for the size, the savings, or both. Regardless, there are many reasons to consider purchasing this type of RV! We walk you through both the benefits of opting for used over new and the benefits of choosing a motor coach rather than a different type of RV. If this is your first RV, try starting with our first time RV buying guide and coming back here to make a decision! Read on for the benefits of a buying a used Class A.

Savings, savings, savings!

It’s no secret that used RVs are cheaper than new ones! That price difference is never more obvious than when it comes to a used Class A motorhome. Because these homes on wheels tend to be the highest ticket items of the RV world, savings on buying one used can be massive. We’re talking thousands of dollars! Even if the percentage difference between buying used and new is the same in a Class A vs. a light travel trailer, the total math on how much you save will work out much higher because of the sticker price on the Class A.

Avoid depreciation on a new RV

You want your RV to hold its value while you own it so when you’re ready for the next one, you can get a good return for your old RV to help cover the cost of the new one.  According to Camper Report, a new Class A RV depreciates upwards of 20% as soon as it leaves the lot. And 20% of the price of a Class A is a LOT of money lost! Avoid taking that depreciation hit and buy a used Class A instead. That way, when it’s time to find your next RV, you can make a higher percentage of your money back on the re-sale.

More RV for your money

A used Class A RV might be similarly priced to purchasing a new fifth wheel. But with the Class A, you’re getting WAY more RV for your money: more storage, more living space and more creature comforts. Simply put, class A RVs cost more because you’re getting more. These rigs can be anywhere from 25 to 45 feet in length and have multiple slide outs, so the living areas are larger, the beds are often bigger, and there’s plenty of places to pack your things for your time on the road.

The convenience of home all in one rig

Along those same lines, one of the benefits of opting for a used Class A is that these types of vehicles feel the closest to a sticks and bricks home. Everything you need is right there under one roof. You don’t have to invest in a separate vehicle to tow your RV. You drive and live in the same vehicle. It’s convenient and gives you less moving pieces to worry about. If you need a full run down on the benefits of a motorhome rather than a travel trailer or fifth wheel, check out our towable vs. driveable RV guide.

A screenshot of the 360 View feature on the vehicle pages of Courvelle's used Class A RVs

A screenshot of the 360 View feature on the vehicle pages of Courvelle’s used Class A RVs

360-view at Courvelle’s RV

Nervous about taking the leap to make a big purchase like a Class A RV? You want to make your purchase at an RV dealership where you know exactly what you are getting. Courvelle’s RV makes that possible right from the comfort of your own home! Our 360-degree RV view allows you to inspect our used Class A selection in on all sides, right here on your computer screen. Every RV in our inventory  is equipped with this feature on our website, so you can inspect RVs from every angle as you shop.

How to find the right used Class A motorhome for you

Whether you’re based in Louisiana or you’re willing to travel to find the perfect RV for your family, Courvelle’s has the best selection of used Class A RVs out there. Our motorhomes are fairly priced, clean, high quality, low mileage and ready to find new adventures as soon as we hand you the keys. All you need to do is plan the route! Let our team of RV experts match you up with the perfect used Class A for your family!

Ready to find the perfect used RV for your travels?