Why Travel To Buy?


Buying a new motorhome is a huge decision that you don’t want to take lightly. When you are spending upwards of $250,000 you want to know exactly what you are getting and make sure you are getting the best deal possible.

For larger motorhomes and high dollar RVs, sometimes traveling across the country to purchase just makes sense.

But why would someone travel across the country, all the way to Louisiana, to buy anew motorhome?

Well, while we don’t like to brag, we know how good we are. Client testimonials speak for themselves! We are an honest family dealership and will give you the best price possible on the premium RV of your dreams.

Here at Courvelle’s, we also offer trade in and consignment on your RV! Get the most for your trade with us and drive off in your new motorhome right away.

When you buy from Courvells’s RV, no matter how far away you come from, you are family! As a small family owned and operated business, we know the value of that personal touch and that is what sets us apart from the rest.

We encourage you to come from around the country because we have faith than weare the most honest RV dealership you could ever work with.

All we sell are premium RVs. They are detailed and ready to go when you are. These RVs are premium for a reason. They are turn key and ready to head out on your next adventure.

Need proof? If you talk to Mr. Courvelle and schedule your appointment from out of state, he will personally purchase your ticket home if for some reason the RV you came to see was misrepresented online or over the phone. What other dealership believes so wholeheartedly in their service and honesty, that they would offer to buy your plane ticket home?

Near or far, if you are looking to grab a deal on the motorhome of your dreams, give Mr. Courvelle a call to schedule your appointment today!




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why travel to buy at Courvelle

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