Your bags are packed, and you are finally ready to hit the road for your summer traveling.  You took care of the leaky roof, got a brand-new air conditioning unit, and just had a new TV mounted on the wall. You have gone through all your checks and balances. But have you prepared for what could potentially come?  Summer storms are inevitable, and they can be extremely dangerous. Do you plan to travel through Florida? Watch out for hurricanes! Are you making some pit stops in the Midwest? Tornadoes can come out of nowhere. Not to mention wind, hail, and heavy rains which can make it scary and almost impossible to see out on the road. Preparing for what could happen is key when you are traveling this summer in your RV.

Storm Prep Before Your RV Trip

Prepping for inclement weather before your trip will be the best decision you have ever made. Do you have your evacuation route in plan if you start to see those dark clouds rolling in or hear a siren? If the power goes out, or you are stranded with mechanical issues, make sure to bring enough food, water, and non -perishable items so you and your family will be able to have whatever you need.

Something else you can do it to bring tarps! You may have to tarp your RV so it can negate some of the damages that may ensue. Another option is buying a roof cover so you can avoid water from getting into your RV.

Fill up your gas tank! Also, make sure that your generator is filled up. If a hurricane or bad storm hits, there may not be any gas available in surrounding areas. Making sure that you have enough fuel is crucial to you and your family getting to a safe environment.

Have Your RV Serviced Before Hurricane Season

We all know the importance of regular maintenance. Having your RV serviced regularly is important for a number of various reasons… When it comes to prepping your RV for a hurricane though, service can make a huge difference.

So make sure your rig is up to date with all scheduled maintenance before Hurricane Season.  Make sure you get any and all necessary repairs as well. A rig in good working order is more likely to survive a storm than one that has been neglected.

Need some expert service? Come by and see a member of our service team and let us help you make sure your RV is storm ready!


Preparing Your RV for a Hurricane- Heavy Winds and Bad Storms

We all love a nice breeze when we are at the campgrounds, but what happens when the winds are so strong you feel like your RV is about to tip over? Take some extra precaution when you are camping this summer. Make sure to park your RV correctly. Park it on level ground and make sure all of the jacks are in place and secure. This will help when the strong gusts start to move in. Always make sure to retract your awning and bring all additional exterior parts inside such as lawn furniture, games, tables and chairs. Remember to always listen for sirens and be aware of the closest area to seek shelter if necessary.

We are all going to find ourselves caught in the middle of a storm this summer. Being prepared inside and outside your RV can result in you and your family being safer on the road.  At the end of the day, if you know there is a bad storm or hurricane coming, your best bet is always to evacuate the area and get to a safe place. We wish you the best during this stormy summer! Be safe, and happy travels!

Preparing Your RV for a Hurricane

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