Changing leaves, bonfires and pumpkin spice everything! Obviously, we love all that October brings, but most of all, we love Halloween. Whether you’re a full-timer or enjoy weekends in your RV, you can experience many different Halloween RV adventures!

Indeed, there are so many fun ways to experience Halloween RV style. However, there are some things to consider when making your holiday plans. First, location matters — so plan where your Halloween RV stay will be in advance as you may need a reservation. Once you’ve chosen your destination, we can talk about RV Halloween decorations and how to create some Halloween magic. Then, after you’ve set the spooky mood, we can get to the fun Halloween activities and snacks!

So, let’s get started! Here are a few of our favorite tips, tricks and ways to celebrate Halloween in your RV.

Plan Ahead To Maximize Your Halloween RV Festivities

First, ask yourself, “where does a skeleton go for a fun night?” …The answer is simple… “Anywhere, as long as it’s a hip joint.”

In all seriousness, location really can matter when planning a Halloween RV vacation. Hence, we recommend doing some research and making reservations to ensure you can get a spot at your chosen destination. You can plan to visit campgrounds that offer fall festivities or investigate locations with haunting histories. We recommend trying to camp around the most haunted spots in Louisiana or at one of our favorite Louisiana campgrounds for fall.

Find An RV Park With Festivities

There are some RV parks that plan the pumpkin carving, hayrides and other fun fall activities for you. So, if you’re feeling like a “lazy bones,” plan Halloween RV stay at one of them! There are some amazing Halloween RV destinations that go all-out for the holiday. Here are some of our favorites.

Land-O-Pines Campground

First, this campground is right here in Louisiana and known to be fun for the whole family. And thanks to their annual Halloween weekends, Land-O-Pines campground is first on our list! Each weekend they do different events from live bands to haunted house competitions. Other activities they host include trick or treating, costume contests, pumpkin decorating, scavenger hunts, bingo and more. Given these events, zombies are welcome since a Halloween RV trip to this campground is a no brainer!

Kentucky Horse Park Campground

Next, known for its “Halloween Campout” event, Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky is another campground we love. While the fall foliage is in full bloom, it is the festively decorated campground sites that are the spectacle. The entire park comes alive with ghoulish delight! They host several competitions including “Best Costume,” “Best Decorated Campout Site,” and “Best Carved Pumpkin.” Additionally, they hold a Halloween parade, and it has been whispered that they have a haunted trail. Clearly, if you have a flexible itinerary this fall, this is the campground to plan a RV Halloween trip to!

Harold Parker State Forest, Massachusetts

Lastly, located less than an hour away from Salem, MA, is Harold Parker State Forest. Also known as Lorraine Park Campground, this site sits on 3,000 acres of hardwood, hemlock and white pine forest. Whereas some other campgrounds have frills, this site will provide you with a real “forest” camping experience. We think this is the perfect spot for sharing scary stories around a campfire or a game of flashlight tag! Plus, location matters, remember? You are only about 35 minutes from Salem, MA, which is renowned for their Haunted Happenings! After a day trip to Salem, we think you’d be truly bewitched over this campground find! Thus, we deem this a perfect spot for a Halloween RV trip.

However, if you are looking to stay local for your Halloween RV celebration, we recommend doing some research to plan your trip. Specifically, you will want to see drive times for day trips and what festivities the campgrounds offer. Still, you have tons of options. In fact, you can check out our list of the best RV resorts Louisiana has to offer. Likewise, you can read our blog about weekend destinations in Louisiana. Regardless of where you stay, you can create your own Halloween magic!

Plan A Spooky Day Trip

Obviously, your day trips are dependent on where you are setting up camp. If you’re feeling adventurous, why not spend the day diving into a new and mysterious adventure? Again, the activity you choose will depend on your location, but Halloween is time to seek out the paranormal! You already know that we highly encourage a trip to Salem, MA but what about a trip to New Orleans? It doesn’t get much spookier than haunted history tours in The Big Easy! Historic cities like Savannah, Georgia, and Charleston, South Carolina have some tales to tell as well. Additionally you could opt for specific spooky locations, like the site of the unsolved crime at the Villisca Axe Murder House in Iowa or the Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in West Virginia. The beauty of a Halloween RV holiday on the road is that your options are endless!

Also worth mentioning, if spooky is not your vibe, you could also plan an outing that is more family friendly. We are always game for a hayride with the family. You could also plan an interactive outing like visiting a pumpkin patch, going apple picking or attending a local fair. Because it’s fall, there should be no shortage of choices as many festivals and carnivals are available in October. Likewise, we recommend researching your location to look for old graveyards to tour or family friendly haunted houses. However, if you are at a campground that offers RV trick-or-treating and you leave, don’t be a “jerk-o-lantern!” Remember to leave candy for the trick-or-treating and costumed campers!

RV Halloween Decorations

Oh, my Gourd! We love to decorate and RV Halloween decorations are so fun! No matter where you end up camping, RV Halloween decorations are one way to make your trip festive! Many campgrounds are known to host decorating contents or trick-or-treating activities, but honestly, decorating is for you. Personally, we love string lights and the classic cobweb aesthetic. Whatever your preference for decorating, Halloween camper decorations set the mood for a fantastic time!

Though you can easily find pre-made décor, we love to get crafty. You could plan a family activity to make your own decorations or put out your carved pumpkins. Bonus points if you visit a local pumpkin patch to pick your pumpkins! Regardless, whether you purchase or make your Halloween RV decorations, we hope they lift your spirits.

Halloween RV Activities

Though there are many campgrounds and location-based activities that can make your Halloween RV experience memorable, they are not necessary. With your RV Halloween decorations up, you can make your night spectacular anywhere, on site. It is easy to get caught up in the seasonal offerings, but memories are made when doing things together. Here are some of our favorite Halloween RV-friendly activities.

Trick Or Treat In The Campground

If you’ve got little ones in tow, this one is for you! While going door to door might look a little different, trick-or-treating in a campground can be a ton of fun. While this is a Halloween tradition, you can still partake in this even while living the RV life. Just remember to prepare your costumes and make sure you have a bag of candy at the ready! More than likely, there’ll be other families with kids in the campground who want to join the trick-or-treating fun. Try collaborating ahead of time with the RVers in your campground to make it night the kiddos will remember.

Surely, they will love going RV door-to-RV door in their costumes on the search for treats. While, it may not be the typical neighborhood, if you choose the right campground, you are guaranteed a fun time!

Swap Scary Stories

First, there is no better ambience than the light from a campfire! Although we love sharing toasty s’mores treat, we are feeling the spirit of ghost stories. Halloween is the perfect time to light a fire and gather around to swap scary stories.

Halloween Movie Marathon

Next, if your RV is your home away from home, ask yourself this: where is the best place to hide from ghosts? Surprisingly, it’s the living room… And is there a better way to stay safe from the than by killing time watching some scary movies? Our next favorite RV Halloween activity is “goblin” up some candy during a movie marathon. Remember the importance of snacks. We like to eat, drink and be scary! Thus, prepare some snacks ahead of time, hot chocolate, apple cider and any of your favorite cozy fall RV recipes. Whether you’re watching family favorites or hiding under the covers to horror classics, an indoor or outdoor RV Halloween movie night eerie-sistible!

Stage a Halloween Hike

Feeling Witchy? This is an idea if you want to give your friends or family a scare. Although it does require some pre-planning, you could make it so fun! That being said, you will need to set aside some time during the day to sneak off and set it up. You can craft your own props or pick them up from a party store, but you will want to have a variety. Look for props like fake gravestones, fake body parts or giant spiders. Next, you are going to need to be stealthy and hide them in the forest. Post them along the trail to create your own outdoor haunted house. Additionally, you can create a task list and make it a scavenger hunt. Then, join back with the group and bring them to the trail you’ve “decorated.” Surely this would be after dark! So, equip your party with flashlights, plant a few scary details and lead them to the ultimate scare. Just be sure to collect your props from the trail once you’re finished and leave nature as you found it.

What Will You Plan For Your Halloween RV Adventure?

If you’re living in an RV or celebrating at the campground, there are plenty of fun ways to celebrate Halloween. Regardless of where you are at, you can plan these activities make your Halloween RV experience one to remember. We hope our list of tips and tricks help you have a fantastic RV Halloween!

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